Who We Treat

Adolescents & Adults

Center for Family & Individual Counseling specializes in the treatment of Adolescents and Adults ranging from teenagers to retirement aged people.  Treatment approaches are adapted to fit the generation and cultural demands of each person.  Issues that are common amongst this wide range of ages vary considerably.  For this reason special care is given to each person to ensure quality services.

Law Enforcement, Military & Veterans

The providers at Center for Family & Individual Counseling (CFIC) specialize in treatment of Law Enforcement and those that serve the military.  Despite recent increases in mental health focus, these populations tend to be underserved due to a variety of reasons.  Our providers have considerable training and experience in forensic behavioral health.

Individuals & Groups

Our providers utilize a variety of different treatment modalities including individual and group treatment as well as treatments which occasionally involve family members of loved ones.  Each treatment approach will depend on a combination of the symptoms presented as well as individual factors.