Services provided by the Center for Individual and Family Counseling address the following situations.

The most common services offered at Center for Family & Individual Counseling (CFIC) are treatments for Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, and Trauma. Each of these areas is unique and requires specialized knowledge and experience to effectively treat and support people that are struggling in these areas. For more information about these Behavioral health issues view our links.

Behavioral Problems


Conflict Resolution / Anger Management

Depression & Anxiety

Symptoms can present in a wide range from mild to severe.  Depression can limit productivity, quality of relationships, work and home environments, as well as school performance.  Long term or untreated/severe depression can be unhealthy and or dangerous.

There are numerous causes and forms of anxiety.  Most people attempt to avoid these feelings as they are often uncomfortable.  In many cases anxiety prohibits people from being themselves and from enjoying the full range of activities and experiences that others do.

Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Grief & Loss

Ministerial Assessments

Panic Attacks

Parenting & Family Issues

Pre-employment Screenings

Problems Related to ADHD

Psychological Testing / Evaluations

Relationship Problems

Trauma / Stress Management

This area of Behavioral Health is receiving a lot of attention in clinical research due in large part to elevated rates of traumatic reactions seen in military veterans returning from war and from victims of domestic violence.  Symptoms of trauma are often misunderstood or not recognized by the general public or by those that are suffering.

Substance Abuse Issues

Abuse and dependence of drugs and alcohol are debilitating situations for both the individual and their family systems.  Substance abuse often co-occurs with other Behavioral Health symptoms including mood and anxiety issues.  These cases must be handled with care and may require support and family services.  Group and individual treatments have been shown to be effective for substance abuse issues.

Work & Career Issues